News Summary

Fostering international interest and expertise in celiac disease research

26 July 2023

In March 2023, the ISSCD launched its Mentee in Mentorship (M-in-M) programme. The call for applications closed in April and following peer review, 12 grants have been awarded. These were formally announced at the ISSCD General Assembly, 26 July 2023:

A full list of the grant recipients i.e. the mentees, and their mentors can be seen on the ISSCD website.  

Celiac disease is a common, global medical problem but there are insufficient experts or centres of excellence to meet the needs of rapidly increasing patient numbers especially in less affluent regions. 

The ISSCD M-in-M Programme aims to address this need through fostering relationships between health professionals and scientists not yet fully established in their careers (“Mentees”) with recognised experts in celiac disease who have made substantive contributions to the field (“Mentors”).

The ISSCD M-in-M Programme is supported by an educational grant from Takeda Development Center Americas, Inc​