Mentorship Programme

Mentorship Programme


The unmet need

Celiac disease is a common, global medical problem but there are insufficient experts or centres of excellence to meet the needs of rapidly increasing patient numbers especially in less affluent regions. Recent breakthroughs in scientific understanding, improved diagnostics, and the expected development of new treatments and even prevention require a substantially expanded global community of dedicated healthcare and research specialists.

The objective

The ISSCD M-in-M Programme aims to address this need through fostering relationships between health professionals and scientists not yet fully established in their careers (“Mentees”) with recognised experts in celiac disease who have made substantive contributions to the field (“Mentors”).

Who should apply?

The M-in-M Programme emphasizes linkages between mentees and mentors in different parts of the world who would otherwise be unlikely to interact. Examples of fields that mentee-mentor linkages could address include academic and applied research, scientific education partnerships, health services delivery, food, drug and diagnostic development in academic, clinical, community and commercial settings. Preference will be given to mentees who will potentially have more than one mentor at their hosting venue/s spanning more than one discipline e.g. basic research, clinical research, clinical trials, clinical care, or other fields.

Mentees and mentors must be registered members of ISSCD.

Mentees are encouraged to source their Mentors but if they need assistance they may contact ISSCD for support using the online form

What is provided?

The value of the grant from ISSCD is up to a maximum US $6000. Funds may be used for: travel, accommodation, subsistence, attendance of celiac disease meetings or conferences e.g. ICDS, or satellite meetings of major symposia in disciplines associated with celiac disease. The grant should normally be spent within two years of award.

How to apply?

Potential mentees and mentors should complete the online registration form and submit an application form with all associated documentation to Please refer to the M-in-M programme grant terms and conditions for more information. 

The second call for applications is now OPEN!

Deadline for applications 10:00 (GMT) 23 February, 2024. 

Administration and Funding

The M-in-M Programme is administered by ISSCD. All applications will be reviewed by the ISSCD Board and other potential peer reviewers. Further information can be found in the Guide for peer reviewers and the Peer review evaluation form

This initial funding round aims to support five awards, but the number is expected to increase substantially with calls for applications twice a year.

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The ISSCD M-in-M Programme has been made possible by an unrestricted grant from Takeda Development Center Americas Inc.