Nicoletta Nandi

Nicoletta Nandi

M-in-M grant recipient July 2023
Nicoletta Nandi"The M-in-M programme award offers an invaluable opportunity for my personal and professional growth. Under the mentorship of Prof Sanders at Sheffield Teaching Hospital, I am furthering the knowledge of celiac disease gained during my gastroenterology specialty training at Policlinico di Milano by bringing it forward to a European level. As a clinical research PhD candidate working on refractory coeliac disease, my project aims to define the role of endoscopy and novel molecular markers for the assessment of disease activity and response to therapy. Thanks to this collaboration, I will build on my skills as a young clinician scientist, hoping to impact the management of this under-represented group of patients."


  • Nicoletta Nandi, University degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy


  • David Sanders, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK